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Tuskegee Morehouse Classic Tailgating
October 9th & 10th, 2015

Please read the following carefully and agree before continuing.
Thank you for registering your tail gate party online. If you purchase a tail gate spot and also purchase game tickets, then the Tailgate price will reduce as follows:

Tailgate cost $75, purchase 2 game tickets for $40 the tailgate price reduces to $60, for a maximum credit of $30 for 4 tickets.

Tailgate cost $175, purchase 2 game tickets for $40 the tailgate price reduces to $160, or a maximum credit of $30 for 4 tickets. .
To ensure you have the spot selected, it is more expedient to do it online through Paypal. You may go by the office and pay by cashiers check or money order and then be placed in an open slot at the end of the day.
I understand the following.
- I understand I will be able to order my own Port-a-Potty from another vendor and have it in my tailgate area for an additional $10. A permit will be given but I must provide a lock if one is desired.
- Once you enter the Tailgate area on Saturday, October 10th it will cost $15 to re-enter if you leave and come back.
- You need to be in place Saturday by 10 AM or you may not be permitted to set up for tail gating.
- No Selling in the Tailgate Area. You must be a vendor to sell, failure to do so will result in expulsion from the event.
- Registration after October 6th has a $10 late fee included.
- No refunds provided due to an Act Of God. In lieu, a tax deductible receipt will be provided.
- No cruising, golf carts, or horses allowed in the Tailgate area.
- Additional parking will be in Lot’s G, not your tail gate spot.
Note: Official tailgating events will conclude after the game. Lot must be cleared immediately following the game. (RV’s permitted to stay overnight).
By continuing you are agreeing to the above terms.

    - I Agree   |   I Disagree -

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